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Pet Cremation Services

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Devoted Friends Pet Cremation by Schildknecht Funeral Home Services

Pet Cremation Business Pet Funeral BusinessTo some degree we know what you’re facing, as we’ve also lost loyal and loving animal companions of our own. Perhaps more importantly, we realize how difficult it can be to make the right decisions about your pet’s final care. That's why we've made sure that each of our staff members is uniquely qualified to guide you in selecting services tailored to your personal needs, and can empower you to make the best decision possible for your family.

If you would like to speak to one of our expert staff directly about pet  or animal cremation costs, pet cremation service, or pet memorial service, feel free to give us a call at (618) 632-3713. We would be happy to help. We are very experiences in Pet Cremation Business and Pet Funeral Business Services & Needs.

Pet Cremation Business & Pet Funeral Business Services

OFallon Pet Cremation Services | Dog Cremation Services
If you’re considering cremation as final care for your pet, this informative page is the right place to start. It includes an overview of the process and explains your cremation options.
Pet Burials & Pet Burial Services
We will be honored to assist you in the in-ground burial of your pet, and can guide you in arranging a meaningful, comforting, committal ceremony for family and friends.
Animal Funeral & Pet Funeral Services
A pet funeral or memorial service is a fine way to bring friends and family together in remembrance of your pet. We take care of all the details, and support you through the service.
Pet Loss FAQ
If you’re making final care arrangements for your pet, it’s natural to have questions. In this section, we’ve listed the questions heard most often, and share our answers.
Current Services
Here's where you can search for and view the online memorial site created in tribute to someone we've served.